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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Welcome Jamie & Dean!

Welcome to new "God-free in Tennessee" contributor Jamie Sutton! He's neither "in Tennessee" this summer,  nor entirely "God-free" by my definition; but he brings a uniquely valuable perspective to this forum. (See his comment on "An Atheist Defends Liberal Religion" below). 

On the question of tolerance and pluralism, Jamie and I do find solid common ground. But I also have a degree of tolerance, even measured approval, for the more hard-core uncompromising atheists among us as well... so long as they're careful to emphasize what's positive and good about non-theism, not just what they reject in theism.

Dean Hall has also taken the plunge, though he warns that holding his "stridency" in check will be a challenge. Good, you'll keep us all on our toes. Dean is the sweetest-natured strident atheist you'd ever want to meet.

More new contributors are in the wings, I think. Andrew, David, Steven, Brian, Rachel, Kat, y'all... Come on in, the water's fine!

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  1. Water's fine, indeed :D Looking forward to seeing all of you around the JUB/in the blogosphere!