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Monday, June 11, 2012


Bill Maher's new Religulous is very much worth the watch for any doubter or believer. It's more on the jesting side of atheism--poking fun at the religious, but it's sincere and Bill seems to be fully concerned for the humans around him. He preaches doubt, and that is exactly what we all need to preach.

The end of the film is a sort of call to arms for all atheists and sort-of believers still on the fence. He begs us to let go of the dogma in order to stop the self-destruction of mankind. This is a point that I hope we can all stress when we're in a conversation with a believer. Regardless of the existence of an afterlife or omnipotent being, we should be very wary of what's going on in the world around us. Just because many religious people are peaceful does not mean that many aren't looking forward to the "end times." This obsession with an apocalyptic future leaves many unmotivated to preserve life on Earth. That's something I cannot stand idly by and wave at.

I suggest that all of us Godless Tennesseans not argue incessantly with the religious, but that we try to inspire all of those around us to care just a little more about others and the future of the world as is. You can believe whatever you want about life after death, but it would be a lot easier for all of us if we were a bit more concerned about life before death...and not just our own lives, but the lives of our fellow men and women.

Either way...Hi everybody!! Hope all of your summers are going well!


  1. I'm with you, Kat, let's show them the light of inspiration! A candle in the dark etc. etc.

    But I confess, I'm not much inspired by Maher and his confrontations with fundamentalists. I've not seen the whole film but the clips I have seen were uncomfortable to watch.

    Totally agree, though, about the apocalyptic "thinking" so prevalent in our region. I'm ok with being "left behind," but if they're leaving they should just go already.

    1. Aww, as awkward as Bill makes it, I find the stumped faces utterly hilarious. Maher just comes at them with stone cold historical evidence, scientific discovery, and what any intelligent person would call "facts" and these fundamentalists don't have answers...because there aren't any. I love that he's calling out those that are making changes blindly.
      These fundamentalists are the ones that are changing things for the worse. They are the ones that I find myself at odds with. It's not the every day Christian that I have problems with--it's the ones that want to write my laws and change my home life because their book says otherwise. That's who Bill is speaking to. The people that meddle are the ones to watch out for. Either way, I can understand some discomfort.

  2. And, "some discomfort" is usually a sign of constructive change happening. Guess I'm just thinking of Mark Twain's advice about not arguing with fools in public (since observers will be unable to tell the difference).