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Friday, June 1, 2012

The delusion continues

"According to a Gallup poll released today, 46% of Americans believe in Creationism, 32% of Americans believe in god-guided evolution, and 15% of Americans are actually right... We are a country full of deluded people…" Gallup Poll: 46% of Americans Are Creationists


  1. This continues to baffle me. I oftentimes find myself people-watching, attempting to ascertain without conversational discourse the faiths of my various specimens, and wonder why and how, those who remain faithful to a completely fictitious being, whose very origins as a concept lie within logical fallacy, irrational fear, grandiose delusions, and outright whimsy, continue to do so in light of an age of rapidly self correcting information. Some say it's because the idea of no afterlife simply horrifies people. They can't comprehend a ceased existence. I imagined it was always something like getting knocked out at the dentist.

    I attended a funeral service a few weeks back, where it was said quite explicitly by the man conducting the service, that the Bible "bids us a new answer, that man's existence is not one to temporarily bubble on the cusp of boiling reality for just a brief moment, only to vanish into ruthlessly silent oblivion." Which I understood as "we believe this because it makes us feel better."

    I have yet to understand how being promised eternal consciousness is in any way anything other than a horrible, ominous, looming promise of torture upon the grim and invincible rack of time.

  2. Hello, Andrew! Eternal consciousness of the self-same ego would be tedious, wouldn't it? Somewhere between now and forever, there must be a sweet-spot. The trick is to "feel better" while admitting the sweet-spot must fall short of forever, and even wishing it so.