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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Great Controversy!!

Did anyone else receive this book in the mail recently? It's from a NPO in Maryland. Originally written by E.G. White in 1888 (yes, that old), The Great Controversy was edited by White in 1911 and then re-released over the following 100+ years all over the world. It speaks specifically of end-times and the battle between good and evil, God and Satan. On the back it says that it "transcends culture, nationality, and religious affiliations." I have a serious problem with this, being that the entire book quotes the King James Bible--a specifically Christian text. I'm also really disturbed by the insert advertisement in the center of the book. It shows an opportunity to receive FREE BIBLE STUDY GUIDES from a company calling itself "Amazing Facts." I'm truly concerned by the insert's claims to answer "with laser-light accuracy" (whatever that means) questions about what happens after death, who is truly deceiving us, what freedoms are taken from us and by who. It goes on and on about how it has this "universal" message for "every person." It's based specifically off of "the infallible Word of God" and it's complete "truth."

I have no problem with people believing whatever they want...but when you sit there and write this book, quoting a Christian-only source, and then you claim that it's the only one, true way, you're offending far more than just atheists. This is an obnoxious reminder that "the one, true God" has his eye on us, and that historical "evidence" points to his existence. It uses practically no historically accurate information. I need to stop or I'll start ranting about insignificant things...

My point is...I received this Christian-only book IN THE MAIL from an organization that I have literally no affiliation with. I did not request this book whatsoever. They're soliciting a belief structure that "must be read by all persons" and requires us to believe in the truth of their Bible. It's a sort of harassment for anyone who isn't a part of the Christian community...even other religious affiliations. Why is it that I don't receive scientific books in the mail? I would rather read about current developments in genetics or neuroscience etc etc. Why can't we receive a book that's like a catalog for religions? Here's some Islam! This month's edition: Buddhism. We don't get books like this for free because no one is gaining anything from it...other than knowledge....and why would we want that?

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  1. I've thought about buying up a bunch of skeptical/freethought texts and mass-distributing them, like Gideon Bibles. But I need a $$ sponsor.