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Monday, July 23, 2012

How to Suck at Your Religion

How to Suck at Your Religion or Why Religion Sucks


  1. I'm not but let me know if I'm missing anything good. My Internet bookmarks are running my cup over as it is.

  2. Hi guys, & welcome, Andrew.

    From the title of this post I was all set to complain about atheists who spend more time bashing religion than extolling irreligion, but then I looked at the cartoons and (as they say) laughed out loud. So... a little well-placed bashing is still ok with me.

    But here's the thing: my irreligion DOES inspire me, activates my humanitarian instincts, makes me happy, reconciles me to my human nature, mortality, cosmic insignificance etc. etc. AND, I want to share all that with the religiously-benighted world.

    And here's my concern: does my impulse to share make me no better than a Mormon missionary, in desperate search for personal/ideological validation?

    And if not, does it follow that I ought to cut Mitt & his friends more slack than I'm inclined to?

  3. If not, or even if so... After all, this urge to share and be validated is a defining HUMAN impulse. Can we not detect our own reflection in the image of our "foe"?

    But for the record, and at the risk of relinquishing my pluralist credentials: after all is said and done, religion DOES mostly suck.