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Monday, September 2, 2013

The meaning of atheism

I've spent Labor Day, so far, just playing: first with a post on The Butler, then a dog-walk, then a swim, then a bike-ride followed by another swim. I think I've earned the right to spend a portion of this day "working" now, albeit playfully, on something fun: the reading list for next semester's Atheism & Philosophy course coming in January.

The meaning theme we're humming in HAP 101 this semester should carry over nicely: what's the meaning of a godless existence? What gets atheists out of bed in the mornings? What reconciles them to life non-eternal? How do they deal with their mortality? What's their sacred text, if not The Good Book, the Koran, the Torah, the Book of Mormon, the collected works of L.Ron, ...? What is the meaning of life in its finitude?

So many possibilities leap to mind, but these are the ones that spring forward immediately.
Additional suggestions?

The atheist shelf at Vandy B&N, alongside the religion section. If your bookseller lacks one, ask 'em why.

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  1. I understand that, being a theist, I may not necessarily be welcome on this forum. If that is the case, let me know and I will refrain from posting in the future. My question: why is it that some of the more combative atheists, who are engaged in a belief system for which they have no proof, remonstrate theists for the same behaviour? Why does Mr. Dawkins, among others, insist that theists are unreasonable in their beliefs, yet assert the primacy of his own? I ask this not to bait or convert anyone, but rather seek understanding of the dynamic between the pot and the kettle.