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Saturday, December 8, 2012

The doubting parent’s guide to the holidays

parenting beyond belief during the holidays.

Just be honest with your child and tell him that many people celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus, but you don’t. Then give him a chance to talk about what makes the most sense to him.

“They need to know that most of the people around them see the world through a religious lens,” said McGowan, who lives in Atlanta.

“Every time I make a statement about what I think is true, I let them know that others think differently and that they get to make up their own minds. It’s not necessary to put blinders on them and not let them see the religious aspect of the holidays. That would be strange.”
The Meming of Life » The doubting parent’s guide to the holidays (WaPo) Parenting Beyond Belief on secular parenting and other natural wonders

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