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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Broad road to freedom

"in 1903, Kentucky-based newspaper "Blue-grass Blade" asked its readers to write in and contribute to a forthcoming feature named, "Why I am An Atheist." Hundreds of letters soon arrived and many were subsequently reprinted in the paper; over a century later, in 2011, they were compiled to form the book, Letters from an Atheist Nation..."
I cannot accept a salvation that is based wholly upon the dreams of an ancient and superstitious people, with no proof save blind faith...it was one of God's main points to oppress women and keep them in the realms of ignorance.
I am in the ranks of Liberalism because of its elevating principles, its broad road to freedom of thought, speech, and investigation. MINNIE O. PARRISH, 23 years old, Leonard, Texas 1903
Letters of Note

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