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Thursday, May 10, 2012

What do you get out of NOT going to church?

Dale McGowan's "long been interested in what people get out of going to church... you can sometimes get even better answers by asking former churchgoers what they miss about church." The Meming of Life Parenting Beyond Belief on secular parenting and other natural wonders

I'm more interested in hearing what people get out of not going, and about where else they go that gives them what they used to look for in church.

I get a charge out of walking my dogs around Brook Hollow Baptist, for instance, especially on Sundays.

And slightly more seriously, I often find a trip to the ballpark (usually Greer Stadium here) spiritually filling. And Radnor Lake in Nashville. Warner Parks. Bobby's Dairy Dip. Bosco's & Blackstone's...

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  1. First, one can use the instant 10% pay-raise and help someone in need rather than paying the pious to proselytize.

    Secondly, one can discard that ominous list of people they think will burn in hell for eternity.

    Thirdly, one doesn't have to eat Jesus and drink his blood once a week.

    That's a pretty good start.